At Verus Innovations we know there are many people who prefer to shop in store and not online so we want to help our retail partners maximize the sales of our products.

We know face-to-face interactions with customers still works, and we want to send them to you: our retail partners!

At no cost to you the retailer, we will create a mini website for you in our website showing you as a retailer of our products (whether you have them in stock or not). This is good for us both as Google recognizes you as our local delivery point.

We would like to invite you to be a local delivery point for our products, that way we can offer "FREE SHIPPING TO A STORE NEAR YOU".

You can select some or all of our products. See our Current Catalog here!

If the customer wants a home delivery within 5 miles of your store we will add an agreed delivery charge.

We will send you the ordered stock and an equal share of the margin generated from any sale. Alternatively, if you do carry stock you will receive a higher share. The more products you carry the higher the share!

Interested? Need to know more?

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